Striped Squares

Striped Squares
Striped Squares

Free Quilting Patterns - Striped Squares

This lovely quilt project was kindly contributed by designer Maria Michaels of Maria Michaels Designs. To view more of Maria's designs, click here to visit her gallery.

© 2002 Maria Michaels Designs. All Rights Reserved

You will need: Fabric scrap strips remaining from other projects; normal quilting equipment and materials.

206 Patchwork Quilt Patterns: The Famous Ruby McKim Book Plus A Bonus Of 105 Vintage Patterns.

Directions: 1. Gather all of your strips. 2. Enjoy looking through them. While you do, decide whether you would like a planned pattern or a very scrappy look. 3. For a planned pattern, choose the combinations of fabrics you would like to use and set them together beside your machine. - For a scrappy look, simply choose fabric strips randomly as you sew. 4. The block size you choose will depend upon the length of your strips. For example, the finished size of the ones above are 4 inches square, so those strips were sewn together till they were 4 1/2 inches wide (to include 1/4 inch seam allowances) or, preferably, a little larger to allow for squaring and trimming. 5. After sewing up all of your strips, trim them to your chosen size. 6. Spread out your squares and play with them till you find the effect you like best. 7. Sew the squares together in pairs, alternating the direction of the stripes. Sew a third square to each pair, alternating stripe directions. Continue adding squares until you have the row size you need. 8. Sew the rows together. If the quilt is not the size you want, wait till you have more scrap strips from future projects and add to it. 9. When the quilt has reached the desired size, make a quilt sandwich. Place the backing (which can also be made from scrap fabrics) wrong side up. Place the batting over it. Place the quilt top, right side up, over the batting. Pin baste, hand baste, or machine baste the three layers together. 10. Hand or machine quilt your sandwich - stitch in the ditch, sew a diagonal grid, stipple, meander, doodle, or anything your heart desires. This is a good place to practice a quilting stitch of your choice. 11. Sew a binding to the quilt. 12. Make a label for your quilt and sew it to the back.

To view more of Maria's designs, click here to visit her gallery.