Moose Charge Applique Shirt with Felt

Moose Charge Applique Shirt with Felt
Moose Charge Applique Shirt with Felt

Craft Projects - Moose Appliqued Shirt

Moose Applique with Acrylic Felt

Design and Instructions kindly contributed by Jane Carlstrom © All Rights Reserved

NOTE: For questions and guidance regarding this project please email Jane at; Read "About Jane" and her interests at bottom of page.

A Sew Simple, Sew Fun, Sew Fine way to embellish a sweatshirt.

Materials Needed:

*Accu-Cut© Roller Die Cutting Machine *Accu-Cut© Dies: Moose # 1 (M1310L); Tree #2 (1292L) * Plain sweatshirt. One with set in sleeves will look nicest with embellishment. * Acrylic felt squares or felt fabric scraps for shapes *Coordinating Embroidery Floss Threads & embroidery needle * Chalk marking pencil * KK2000© Temporary Spray Adhesive (a Sulky© product)

206 Patchwork Quilt Patterns: The Famous Ruby McKim Book Plus A Bonus Of 105 Vintage Patterns.


Preshrink the acrylic felt. Wash and dry on hot settings. Steam press flat if felt is wrinkled. Also pre-wash the sweatshirt. This looks almost as good as ultra suede and much less cost. The trick is the pre-shrinking and then the hand appliqu© to give an expensive look. After construction, wash the completed garment on warm or cool in permanent press or knit cycle and dry on low in dryer until almost dry then remove from dryer. Lay flat to finish drying.

You can find similar shapes in a coloring book or cookie cutters, trace and hand cut the shapes. But, if like me, you have access to an Accu-Cut© die cutting machine and dies it is so quick and easy to cut the intricate shapes such as the moose, that you get spoiled and find you want to cut lots of appliqu©s this way. Many craft and fabric stores allow customers to use these machines or will cut shapes for customers.

1. Cut desired shapes If you have plenty of scraps cut a bunch of everything and experiment with arrangement of the shapes. This makes it really fun and you create a pattern that is pleasing to you and uniquely yours. In this sample two moose and one pine tree were used.

2. Determine placement and spacing for the shapes. Measure for placement or just set the shapes on in a pleasing fashion, make tiny chalk marks on the body of the sweatshirt at the top and bottom of the shapes. The marks are helpful because when you remove the shapes to apply adhesive, it will be easy to put the shapes back in place.

Using the temporary spray adhesive is the secret to easy sewing for felt appliques. You can use long pins, basting, or wonder tape - but for quick easy to manage sewing with no puckering or rolling edges, spray is the way! Set the shapes on scrap paper right side down and spray the wrong side with KK2000© or other temporary adhesive. This way the adhesive is on the shape only and does not get all over the sweatshirt.

3. Hand applique the shapes onto the sweatshirt one at a time. Spray, place then sew each shape in place using a buttonhole (blanket) stitch at the edge. Anchor inside corners with crows feet and each outside corner with a catch stitch. Shorten the stitches in narrow areas such as the legs of the moose to keep a harmonious balance. If you have not done much appliqu© start by using thread that closely matches the color of the shape.

4. When all shapes are sewn in place, steam press the embellished area, from front and back. This allows the thread to sink into the fabrics giving a smooth finished look.

Alternative No-Sew construction: The shapes can be glued in place with permanent spray adhesive or a thin layer of fabric glue, or bonded onto the sweatshirt with an iron on bonding material. However, with any of these no sew methods the area appliqu©d will not not retain a soft hand, it will be stiffer and have less drape.

You can also sew the appliqu©s in place with machine sewing. I simply prefer the look of hand sewing.

Resources for more information: NOTE: For questions and guidance regarding this project please email Jane at;

Accu-Cut© for catalogue, projects, list of stores that have the machines for customer use.

Hand Blanket Stitch

About Jane: I am a home seamstress, to me there are few things more rewarding than taking a flat piece of fabric and turning it into a garment. This past year my focus has been applique, on ready made items as well as on garments and home dec item made from scratch. My work has progressed enough that I'm ready to share some of the things I've learned. Thanks to Craftown that is possible.

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