Flying Geese

Flying Geese
Flying Geese

Free Quilt Projects - Flying Geese

Flying Geese: One of the oldest and simplest piecework designs is Flying Geese, always made in stripes, usually alternating with solid colors. The same design is much used as a border, blending nicely with any pattern of squares or triangles. The one shown here is a fine example. The back with its wide printed stripes is almost as nice as the top. The fabrics are calicoes and shirtings. This is certainly one of the best and easiest designs for a beginner and is a perfect scrapbag quilt. Patterns and directions are below:

206 Patchwork Quilt Patterns: The Famous Ruby McKim Book Plus A Bonus Of 105 Vintage Patterns.

The geese form strips about 4 3/4" wide, alternated with 3 1/4" dark strips. The strips can be made in any length and as many as desired pieced together to form a guilt of the width desired.

The back is pieced in alternating bands of light and dark print.

The quilting is in simple diamond design.

1/2 size piecing diagram.

Large and small triangle patterns