Baby Coverlet

Baby Coverlet
Baby Coverlet

Quilting Patterns - Baby Coverlet

You will most likely find all the supplies you need for this project in your linen closet or scrap materials from past projects. The plaid flannel pieces can be cut from old shirts.

206 Patchwork Quilt Patterns: The Famous Ruby McKim Book Plus A Bonus Of 105 Vintage Patterns.

You will need:

40 x 27" blanket for center layer

sheet for backing

fabric scraps, enough to make 54- 5 x 5" squares

1- 5 x 5" square paper pattern

1 pkgs. double fold quilt binding and matching thread.

Miscellaneous: Scissors pins, tape measure

What to do:

1. Cut middle and backing materials to measure 40x27". Press backing.

2. With paper pattern, cut one fabric square to use as pattern in place of paper.

3. Cut all 54 squares and press.

4. Pin and sew 6 squares together horizontally to form top row, allowing 1/2" seam. Repeat sewing 6 squares together until you have 9 rows of squares. Press seams.

5. Pin and sew the 9 rows together. Press remaining seams. Front is complete.

6. To add interest, select colors of print squares and embroider solid squares and binding by hand or machine.

7. Pin front to middle, matching edges. Sew together, allowing 1/3" seam edge.

8. Carefully matching edges, add backing and baste front to back.

9. Pin binding to edges and sew in place by machine. Remove pins and press.