Wild Goose Quilt

Wild Goose Quilt
Wild Goose Quilt

Quilting Patterns - Wild Goose Chase Quilt

(Finished size is approximately 70x80 inches.)

Materials: Cotton fabric (44/45 inches wide) equivalent to 2 1/2 yds. for squares, 2 yds. for larger triangles, 2 3/4 yds. for smaller triangles; 4 2/3 yds. backing fabric; 70 x 80 inches polyester batting; quilt thread.

206 Patchwork Quilt Patterns: The Famous Ruby McKim Book Plus A Bonus Of 105 Vintage Patterns.

Directions: Enlarge one triangle, one square, and one-half triangle, given on pattern below, and make into templates, adding ¼ inch for seam allowances. Cut shapes from fabric.

Assemble section 1-2, using diagram as a guide. Stitch squares A-B together with a short triangular section in between. Sew section 1-2 to section A-B. Repeat 13 times until you¼ve completed a strip the width of the coverlet, adding an additional triangular section to end of A-B section.

Stitch section 3-4 continuing to sew triangles and half triangles together until a strip measuring the entire width of the coverlet is completed. Make nine strips.

Sew quilt strips together, alternating a narrow strip with a wider strip to complete top.

Finish according to general instructions (below), binding the raw edges with a bias strip.

General Quilting Instructions:

When quilt top is complete, assemble layers. Place backing, wrong side up, on flat surface and smooth over; cover with batting, then quilt top. Pin layers together. Baste from top to bottom and side to side. Baste from corner to corner diagonally.

Quilt through all layers, using small running stitches. Use a short sharp needle and glazed or waxed thread; machine-quilt if desired, using a heavy needle and fairly large stitch.

Finish edges by turning back over quilt front or quilt top over backing. Trim away excess batting; quilt fabric not being used for banding. Turn banding fabric over, mitering corners. Slip-stitch banding in place by hand.

To make a fabric binding for quilt, cut strips two inches wide and join them into a strip long enough to go completely around quilt. Cut either with the grain or on the bias. (If edge is scalloped or shaped, cut binding on bias.)

Pin the binding to the quilt top, right sides together, starting in the middle of a side. Then sew around all edges of the quilt to secure. Trim away excess fabric and fold the bindings to the back. Pin binding in place and blind stitch.