Hillbilly Supper

Hillbilly Supper
Hillbilly Supper

Cooking Recipes - Hillbilly Supper

This yummy dish was kindly contributed by: Sonya Gullett shegull100@hotmail.com

You will need:

8 Potatoes, 1-can green beans (drained), 1 pound smoked sausage, 1-8 ounce bag cheddar cheese.


Peel potatoes and cut for frying in large skillet. Pour grease to fill bottom.

Fry taters until done, drain grease and put potatoes back in skillet.

Pour in drained beans.

Cut up smoked sausage and put add. Cover with lid and stir often to keep from burning.

Cook until sausage is done, then pour all the cheese over top. When cheese has melted, serve and enjoy.