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Tatting Patterns - Fan Bookmark

You will need a ball of number 20 crochet cotton in the color of your choice and a tatting shuttle.

Abbreviations: r (ring) cl r (close ring)ds (double stitch) rw (reverse work) p (picot) ch (chain) sep (separated)

Make a center r of 6 ds, 8 p sep by 2 ds, cl r. Tie and cut threads.

Tie ball and shuttle threads together. Make a small p, 8 ds, a small p, 8 ds, small p, 16 ds, join to first p of center r. * Ch 16 ds, join to last small p, rw. R of 4 ds, rw. R of 12 ds, p, 12 ds, cl r, rw. Ch 6 ds, 5 p sep by 2 ds, 6 ds, join to p of last r, (ch 8 ds, join to p of next r) twice, ch 16 ds, join to next p of center r. Repeat from * 6 times. End with ch 16 ds, join in same small p with last joining, (ch 8 ds, join in next small p joining) twice. Tie and cut threads.

Tassel: Make a tassel of 4 strands of thread about 10 inches long. Pull threads through center r having equal lengths on each side of center r. Twist threads together, then holding both ends together allow threads to twist together into a cord. Tie a knot about an inch from end to form a tassel. Tie a knot at center to hold firm.

If you desire, starch fan heavily.