Stationary Flowers

Stationary Flowers
Stationary Flowers

Tatting Patterns -Stationary Flowers

Personalize your stationery with dainty tatted flowers in any color or combination of colors desired.

What you need: A ball of tatting cotton in color for flower, one ball of green for stem and leaf, and two tatting shuttles. Fill one shuttle with color for flower and one shuttle with green for stem and leaf.

Abbreviations: r (ring) cl r (close ring) ds (double stitch) sep (separated) p (picot) ch (chain)

Flower: * R of 1 ds, 9 p sep by 1 ds, cl r, repeat from * twice. Tie green thread to flower thread. Cut flower thread.

Stem and Leaf: With green, on ball and shuttle, ch 9 ds. R of 5 ds, p, 5 ds, cl r. Ch 9 ds. Tie and cut threads, leaving an end to tie flower thread. Repeat directions for flower. Tie and cut threads.

Finishing: Carefully glue in place on stationery, using a clear drying fabric glue.