Candy Heart Sachet

Candy Heart Sachet
Candy Heart Sachet

Valentine Craft Projects - Candy Heart Sachet

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What you need: 8"x l0" sheer fabric, glassine or a ready made sheer heart pouch; heart pattern; pink ribbon; pinking shears, ruler, large-eyed needle; 1 bag of small Valentine candy hearts.

What to do:

1. Trace heart and using the pinking shears, carefully cut two 6" heart shapes from the fabric or glassine.

2. Thread a large eyed needle with ribbon and sew three sides of the heart sachet, leave on side open to insert the candies. Be sure to finish with the ribbon on the tope center of sachet to center and tie into bow.

3. Fill the heart pouch with candy hearts and sew up the opened side of the sachet. Tie bow at center.