Valentine Kissing Tree

Valentine Kissing Tree
Valentine Kissing Tree

Valentine Craft Projects - Kissing Tree

This Valentine's Day craft project is so much fun. Since we are already missing our Christmas trees, the kids will enjoy making it with you.

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Materials: 1- 6"-7" sprig of pine branch;1-terra cotta pot 3"; crimson red and god acrylic paint; hot glue gun and glue stick; 2-3 feet of red ribbon; lifesavers (Valentine pk. white, red, pink); 1 chocolate wrapped heart for top of tree; 1 small bag mixed Valentine colors chocolate kisses; florists foam; paint brush.


1. Paint all around the terra-cotta pot up to the rim with the red crimson acrylic paint. Allow to dry and then paint the rim with the gold paint. Be sure all paint is completely dry before continuing.

2. Fill the base with florists foam and push pine branch into the foam.

3. Weave the red ribbon through the branches as garland.

4. Place a small amount of glue on the little white tags sticking out of the candy kisses and glue them to the ends of the branches.

5. Glue the wrapped chocolate heart at the top of the tree.

6. Glue the lifesavers around the gold rim of the pot.