Victorian Wedding Favors

Victorian Wedding Favors
Victorian Wedding Favors

Victorian Craft Projects - Victorian Wedding Favors

What you need:

Paper doilies, color of choice; glue gun/glue sticks; Tulle rounds; Rice, bubble bottles, confetti, or mints; Ribbon 1/2" wide (color of choice).

What to do:

1. Roll the doily into a cone shape and glue at center front.

2. Push center of tulle round into bottom of cone.

3. Make small bows from the ribbon and glue on front of cone where you glued the doily into a cone.

4. Fill with you choice of confetti, bubbles, mints, or rice. Note: If using confetti, bubbles or rice you will need to enclose them in color tissue pockets or tulle pockets before placing them inside the cones.