Tussie Mussies

Tussie Mussies
Tussie Mussies

Victorian Craft Projects - Tussie Mussies

What you need: Paper doilies or cloth (round),The paper doilies are available in white, gold Victorian print and assorted pkgs., at any craft supply store; glue gun/glue sticks; Tulle rounds; small Dried or silk floral bunches; 1/2" ribbon; Decorative buttons or charms (available at craft supply stores).

1. Roll doily into a cone and glue at center front.

2. Glue 4-6 small strips of ribbon over center front glue point. Allow ribbon strips to hang loosely down front of tussie cone.

3. Glue decorative button or charm over ribbon.

4. Push center of tulle round into bottom of cone. If desired, you may place a small amount of glue on center of tulle round before inserting it to keep it secure.

5. Place small floral bunches into tussie mussie.