Victorian Craft Projects - Victorian Pincushion

A walnut shell is the base for this charming pincushion reminiscent of a Victorian antique. Why not set up a production line and make a lot of them for your next bazaar?

What You Need: glue; velvet pieces; gold edging, cord, narrow ribbon.

What to do:

1. Separate halves of walnut shell with a knife. Remove nutmeat.

2. Make a tiny muslin bag to fit half of shell.

3. Fill firmly with sawdust (this was the kind of filling used in antique pincushions) but you could use the contents of paper sachets which would provide a romantic aroma.

3. Glue bag in shell.

4. Cut velvet to cover bag; whip stitch in place around edge.

5. Cover stitches with gold edging glued around shell.

6. Attach cord at top to hang pincushion. Trim top with ribbon bow.