Sweet Wreath

Sweet Wreath
Sweet Wreath

Victorian Craft Projects - Sweet Wreath

What You Need: Styrofoam wreath, paper doilies, pastel taffy candy, glue, ribbon

What to do:

1. Place the doilies face up on work surface and shape into a heart (or circle) the size of your styrofoam wreath. Place the wreath on top of the doilies and arrange so that the doily ruffle appears evenly all around wreath. Glue the doilies in place all around the back side of wreath.

2. Styrofoam wreath. Cover inside top and sides all around the outside edge of wreath until completely covered.

3. Glue bow on top or bottom center of wreath.

4. Make small ribbon bows of pink and white and place randomly around wreath by gluing them to the candy pieces. Allow some ribbon streams to dangle.