Pill Box

Pill Box
Pill Box

Victorian Craft Projects - Victorian Pill Box

Materials: 1 Sucrets or Altoids breath freshener box (empty); Antique gold spray paint; crackling medium; clear sealant; velvet fabric scrap (gold, red, black, etc.); Small amount of ribbon (accent bow); 1 Victorian charm (gold or silver) available at craft stores.

1. Completely cover box with gold paint and allow to dry completely. Follow directions on package to produce crackling effect (this step is optional). Seal entire box with sealant.

2. Line the inside of box with the velvet fabric and glue. Folding over edges of fabric at sides to give a slightly tufted look.

3. Make a small accent bow with ribbon. Glue the charm on top center of box and place the accent ribbon just above the charm with glue.

4. Optional: You can use stenciling or free hand paint the design on top of box in place of the charm if so desired.