Tree Ornaments

Tree Ornaments
Tree Ornaments

Victorian Craft Projects - Tree Ornaments

What you need: satin fabric scraps; styrofoam ball or eggs; beads (variety); wire clippers; white household glue; 1 1/4" straight pins; corsage pins with pearl or gold heads; velvet ribbons (variety); gold braid (variety).

What To Do:

1. Cover the balls with fabric scraps and glue.

2. Divide ball into quarters with ribbons and/or braids.

3. Anchor ribbon with pins or with pins pushed through beads.

4. Beginning at top, add beads to form a slightly raised crown. Glue in place and pin firmly with corsage pins.

5. Add a loop of ribbon or braid for hanging, hiding glued ends as you add more beads.

6. Add more beads to bottom or use a Victorian charm to hang from bottom. Glue and in in place.

7. Working upwards, add more individual beads of different sizes and shapes to cover bare spaces. Get creative.