Candle Centerpiece

Candle Centerpiece
Candle Centerpiece

Victorian Craft Projects - Candle Centerpiece

Materials: Wire candle ring (by Eastern Wire Products); 2 1/3 yds. white lace ribbon; 5 yds. pink print ribbon ; 8 yds. pink sealed edge acetate; 4 yds. pink mettalic/nylon; Sm. bunch dk. pink German statice.; 12 silk rose petals; 4 pink candles; Hot glue sticks and glue gun.


1. Cut 2 yds. of pink acetate ribbon. Wrap ribbon around wire frame, securing ends with hot glue.

2. Cut 2 yds. from remaining pink acetate ribbon and glue to inside edge of circle, pleating ribbon evenly as you glue. Glue remaining pink acetate ribbon around outside edge of ring, pleating evenly.

3. Cut 2 yds. from print ribbon and repeat step 2.

4. Cut four 18" lengths of lace, gather, and glue one piece of lace down center of each section of ring, folding under ends of lace at each side of candle cup. Repeat with each remaining section of ring. Divide remaining lace into 4 pieces. Gather and glue a piece around base of each candle cup.

5. Cut metallic ribbon into 8 equal pieces. Roll one piece of ribbon into a rose, sewing or gluing at base of rose. Make 8 roses.

6. Referring to photo of project, glue roses, silk leaves, and pink statice to each section of ring. Add candles.