Lace Bell Ornament

Lace Bell Ornament
Lace Bell Ornament

Victorian Craft Projects - Lacy Bell Ornament

Materials: 1 styrofoam bell shape (or you may carve your own from block of styrofoam). Scrap of lace, enough to cover bell; lace ribbon trim; pearls, beads, miniature silk flowers; craft glue, plastic wrap or foil, sharp scissors; red velvet ribbon; rust proof T-pins.


1. Mix 1 part water with 1 part Elmer's or other craft glue. Dip scrap of lace material into solution and soak thoroughly. Wring out excess.

2. Cover styrofoam bell shape with plastic wrap. Drape soaked lace over bell shape and tack into bell form with T-pins to hold in place. Be sure all excess lace ends are at bottom of bell shape. Tack bottom and trim all excess plastic wrap and lace. Set aside and allow glue solution to dry completely, about 24 hours.

3. When lace is completely dry, remove T-pins. Gently unfold lace on bottom of bell and carefully remove styrofoam shape.

4. Replace lace folds on bottom and dab with glue to hold in place. Be sure the shape of the lace has held its bell form.

5. Now you may trim with ribbon lace, pearls, beads, silk flowers, etc.

6. Make a loop bow with velvet ribbon and glue securely to top of bell. Make one of the bow loops long enough to hang the bell ornament.