Gilded Basket

Gilded Basket
Gilded Basket

Victorian Craft Projects - Victorian Gilded Basket

Materials: 6 1/2" diameter x 3 1/2" high (plus handle) papier mache basket; 2 yds. eggshell lace ribbon; tie wire; dried floral materials (German statice, purple statice sinuata burgundy painted eucalyptus, pcs. of hydrangea blossom, caspia, bleached gyp; tree fern ) small amounts of each; hot glue sticks and glue gun; Gold FolkartĀ® Aerosol color.


1. Spray basket metallic gold; let dry.

2. Using one yard of lace ribbon per bow, make two multi-loop bows, securing in center with tie wire. Wire a bow to base of basket handle on each side.

3. Hot-glue dried floral materials around rim of basket, distributing types evenly.