Lacy Heart

Lacy Heart
Lacy Heart

Victorian Craft Projects - Wedding Heart

Materials: 2 1/2 yds flat lace, 8" wide; 6" styrofoam heart wreath; Glue gun or craft glue; Silk flowers; Ribbon scraps; Ribbon roses.


1. Fold lace in half lengthwise. Sew 1 3/8" away from fold to form casing. (Adjust width of casing to accommodate diameter of wreath if needed.)

2. Find center point of length of lace and mark with pin.

3. Split heart at bottom point with knife and smooth rough ends with emery board.

4. Feed lace on half of wreath and glue wreath back together.

5. Adjust lace so that the center point is at the bottom point of wreath and the ends meet directly at the top.

6. Decorate with ribbon and flowers, using photograph above as a guide, or as you please. You can also attach a small sachet of netting filled with potpourri.

7. Glue a small ribbon loop on the back for hanging.