Victorian Easter Egg

Victorian Easter Egg
Victorian Easter Egg

Victorian Craft Projects - Victorian Egg

Kindly contributed by Olivia Benton.

What you need: Extra large egg, 1 - 6" sprig of small silk flowers, 2 or 3 small velvet or silk, green leaves (about 1/2" long), 1/2 yard of 1 1/2" wide ecru gathered lace edging, 6" of 1/4 inch wide metallic gold edging, 1/2 yard of 1/8" wide silk ribbon, clear or white nail polish (preferably w/hardener), 1 white circles of felt about 1/2 inch in diameter, white crafting glue.

Equipment: Small pointed embroidery scissor, wire cutters, tweezers, small bowl.

What to do:

1. Using embroidery scissors, carefully cut an oval opening in side of egg and empty contents. Wash out inside of shell. Very gently remove the thin membrane lining with tweezers or fingers. Smooth edge of opening with scissors and let dry completely.

2. Apply 2 smooth, even coats of nail polish to inside and outside of shell, allowing to dry completely between applications.

3. Cut 3 small flowers from the base of the flower sprig to fit inside eggshell. Wire together with velvet leaves around them. Glue one of the circles of felt behind the leaves, then glue to inside of egg, using tweezers to aid in placement.

4. Glue metallic trim around opening in shell. Glue a bow tied from the narrow silk ribbon to bottom of opening.

5. Glue gathered lace edging to fit around the egg shell, toward back of shell as shown in photo above. If desired you may make a small loop from the metallic trim for a holder, and glue to top of egg.

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