Nosegay Wreath

Nosegay Wreath
Nosegay Wreath

Victorian Craft Projects - Nosegay Wreath

What you need: Pink or white satin fabric (optional) to cover wreath if desired; About 5 doz. small wrapped, pastel candies (artificial candy clusters are available at craft stores or pink and white and mint colored taffy will work); Glue gun/glue sticks; 10-6" round white lace, paper doilies (available in packages at craft stores); Floral wire; 12" diameter flat, Styrofoam wreath; straight pins/ T pins; 1 yd each of 5 or 6 different colored, narrow, pastel ribbons.

What to do:

1. If desired, wrap the wreath first with the satin fabric.

2. Make twisted cones from each of the doilies to be used by gathering the center and twisting.

3. Pin the cones evenly spaced toward the outer edge of rim of wreath, all around. Note: you may want to place a small amount of glue on each of the pins you insert so that they will be more secure.

4. You may glue or pin about 1/2 dozen clusters of chosen candy into the centers of each of the doilies.

5. Gather all the strips of ribbon and create a large bow allowing streamers to hang. Place bow on lower or upper part of wreath and secure between doilies with glue and pins.