Victorian Mirror

Victorian Mirror
Victorian Mirror

Victorian Craft Projects - Victorian Mirror

What you need: One wicker mirror frame (any shape or size); Spray paint (white, mauve, or burgundy)

Silk or dried flower bunches in coordinating colors (with leaves)

2 yds. of ecru lace (3/8" wide)

2 yds. double faced, satin ribbon (mauve, 1/8")

small amount of Spanish moss

glue gun/glue sticks

What to do:

1. Cut any type of paper (newspaper will do) to fit the size of the mirror center (not wicker frame) and tape in place.

2. Spray the wicker frame with spray paint of choice. Allow to dry completely.

3. When dry, take some Spanish moss and glue to upper or lower corner area of frame, spreading out to about half way across bottom or top and half way up of down side of frame.

4. Arrange your flowers and leaves in the display you want over the Spanish moss. Cut stems and unwanted pieces of flowers away until you achieve the arrangement you desire.

5. While arrangement is still in place, glue each piece to the Spanish moss to secure.

6. Holding both ribbons together, make double loops with tails and secure center with wire. Glue the bow in the center of arrangement or wherever you prefer allowing tails to hang.

7. Secure a hook to top back of mirror.