Potpourri Bookmark

Potpourri Bookmark
Potpourri Bookmark

Victorian Craft Projects - Potpourri Bookmark

What you need: 1 paper sachet; polyfil (very small amount); 2 linen bookmarks; lace topped (available at craft stores).

What to do:

1. Place wrong sides of bookmark facing.

2. Sew 1/8" from the binding of bookmark (3 sides only) leaving lace top end open.

3. Invert bookmarks so they are right side out and press lightly.

4. Place a small amount of polyfil into pocket.

4. Open the paper sachet and pour enough of the scented material into the pocket of bookmark allowing room for a bit more polyfil.

5. Place more polyfil into the pocket of the bookmark to fill an even out if necessary.

7. Fold the top of one of the bookmarks over leaving the opening exposed and stitch across opening and all three layers to close.