Victorian Wine Glasses

Victorian Wine Glasses
Victorian Wine Glasses

Victorian Craft Projects - Victorian Wine Glasses

What you need: 2 ornamental wine glasses; Fabric paints (squeezable); Mauve, green, burgundy, pink; Stencils: Very small floral or fruit (You may also free-hand paint your designs if desired).

Note: These glasses must be washed by hand once painted.

What to do:

1. Clean and dry glasses thoroughly

2. Place the stencil against glass and hold firmly with one hand. With other hand squeeze paint into stencil pattern, using the appropriate color(s) for the stencil designs you have selected. Allow to dry thoroughly.

3. If you are unhappy with your results you may remove wet paint by simply wiping it off or remove the paint once it is dried by simply peeling it off. You may then begin again.

4. For freehand painting, use long strokes for leaves and stems and light dabbing for berries.