Christmas Card Display Fan

Christmas Card Display Fan
Christmas Card Display Fan

Free Christmas Craft Projects - Card Display Fan

This is so easy and very practical. My aunt used to make these each Christmas for family members and we were all so grateful to receive them. Every year around the holidays we try to find places to place all the Christmas cards we have received and this attractive solution was a welcome gift.

Materials: 1 6 ounce skein of Caron, Victorian Christmas Gold yarn or a combination of red green and white; 1- 13 oz or larger coffee can ( a variety of cans may be used for different sized cards (the best is a large juice can because most sizes of cards will fit.); Christmas trim of choice, (narrow trim such as braiding or colorful ribbon).

Directions: Remove both top and bottom of can with can opener.

Tape or glue one end of the yarn to the inside of the can for starting point. Wrap the yarn round and round from inside to out until the entire can is completely covered with yarn and no visible spaces are showing. Cut yarn and tuck or glue to inside of can.

Place trim around bottom and top of can and glue in place.

That's it! As you receive your holiday cards, simply slip them behind a strand of yarn on the can and pull through until the fold of the card is centered with the strand of yarn. Cards will fan out all around the can for easy viewing.

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