Card Display Shutter

Card Display Shutter
Card Display Shutter

Free Christmas Craft Projects - Card Display Shutter

Materials: 1 old or new, wooden louver shutter; Paint, red or green or (color of choice); Paint sealer or Polyurethane; Set of hanging Christmas bells or large festive ribbon bow; hot glue gun and glue stick.


1.Prepare shutter for painting. Sand it down and clean thoroughly if necessary. Treat wood before applying paint.

2. Paint entire shutter red, green or color(s) of choice. Allow to dry completely.

3. Apply sealant or Polyurethane and allow to dry completely.

4. Attach Christmas bells or festive ribbon bow to the top left or right (front) of shutter with glue. Secure with glue and allow to dry.

5. Insert Christmas cards through the slats so that the seams of the cards lie across the slat and the front of the cards are hanging down front of the shutter.

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