Christmas Pin Cushion

Christmas Pin Cushion
Christmas Pin Cushion

Free Christmas Craft Projects - Christmas Pin Cushion

What you need: 2 Mason Jar lids (quart size); 5" x 10" green or red felt; 20" single loop gold braid; 1" diameter gold ring; 4" x 8" of 1/2" thick foam rubber; 1 dozen miniature gold pine cones; 1 dozen holly berries; masking tape; white glue.

What to do:

1. Cut 2 - 3 1/2" square pieces from the green felt and two 2 1/2 inch round pieces from the foam rubber.

2.Lay the felt and then the sponge rubber centered over the hole in the jar lid. Put the round flat piece of jar lid over sponge rubber. Press firmly into place, pushing in the center so as to make the felt go beyond the rim just a little. Repeat for the second jar lid. Fold excess felt to the inside. Put the two inside edges of the lid together and secure by pressing masking tape firmly over the entire seam where the two lids meet.

3. Cut a piece of green felt 1 by 10 inches. Glue this over the masking tape. Spread glue along edges of the green felt and lay single loops of gold braid into it. Remember to keep seams at the same place.

4. Cut wires from the miniature pine cones and holly berries. Put glue on each piece and arrange in a cluster over the seams.

5. On the opposite side, glue the gold ring. This makes a stand for your pin cushion.