Holly Wreath

Holly Wreath
Holly Wreath

Christmas Craft Projects - Holly Wreath

What you need: 16" red rattan mat; 4" x 4" x 2" Styrofoam block; 12 plastic holly picks; red chenille stem; 2 green chenille stems; 2 yds. of 2" wide red velvet ribbon.


Step 1: Place the block of Styrofoam in the center of the mat. Bend one green chenille stem into a U shape. Push the two loose ends through the Styrofoam and through the rattan mat. Twist the two ends together in order to secure the Styrofoam to the mat.

Step 2. Cut the plastic holly picks to 4 inches in length,. Insert the picks on the four sides of the Styrofoam block first; then fill in the center of the Styrofoam block.

Step 3. Make a bow from the red ribbon and secure the center with the red chenille stem. To attach the bow below the holly, push the chenille stem through the mat and twist the ends together.

Step 4. Use the other green chenille stem to form a hook at the top, on the back of the mat.

You can try many variations of this craft by using pinecones, angels, fruits and other small picks instead of the holly.