Birdhouse Ornament

Birdhouse Ornament
Birdhouse Ornament

Christmas Craft Projects - Birdhouse Ornament

What you need: 1 unfinished cardboard birdhouse ornament (available at craft supply stores); red and green paint or markers; 2- 12" chenille stem (thick); small holly berries; 1 small bow; 1 miniature bird; hot glue gun and glue sticks.

What to do:

1. Paint roof red, then paint front and back and bottom of birdhouse green. Allow to dry completely.

2. Make waves on the chenille stems to resemble icing and glue to both sides of roof, clipping ends as you go.

3. With remainder of chenille stems trim bottom front of birdhouse as shown.

4. Glue small holly berries onto the roof, between the artificial icing as shown.

5. Glue miniature bird to perch on front of house just below the hole.

6. Glue the small bow just above the hole on front of birdhouse.

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