Snowflake Coasters & Cozy Bag

Snowflake Coasters & Cozy Bag
Snowflake Coasters & Cozy Bag

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Snowflake Coasters and Table Toppers in a Cozy Winter Bag

Design and Instructions kindly contributed by Jane Carlstrom © All Rights Reserved

An innovative craft store in my locale, Ben Franklin Crafts of Bemidji, MN, recently set up a self serve Roller Die Cutting station (featuring the Accu-Cut Mark IV©). That means home crafters have easy access to precision cutting. Creating with die cut shapes is much like using rubber stamps or cookie cutters. The crafter takes a given shape or form and develops it into a unique and special item. Here is how I used it to make pretty snowflake table decorations and coasters.

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1/4 yard white on white print cotton fabric (45 inch fabric) 1/4 yard white flannel (felt works good too if a thicker coaster is desired) 1 yard Heat nBond© UltraHold Iron-on Adhesive by Therm O Web Snowflake dies - Accu-Cut© #S1604, S1603S, S1603L Roller Die Cutting machine (access to Accu-Cut© machines and dies available in many craft and quilt stores, machines and dies also can be purchased by the home crafter for in home use) 1/3 yard colorful winter print in cotton or flannel or fancy fabric( 45© fabric this will make 3 bags) Serging thread - can use contrast or same color as bag.


No Sew Fabric Snowflakes:

1. Prepare several fabric strip sandwiches 5 inches wide by 45 inches long. a. Cut 5 inch wide strips of cotton, flannel and HeatnBond© UltraHold. b. Bond the two fabrics wrong sides together with the Heat n© bond Ultra in the center. **I iron the HeatnBond© to the wrong side of the cotton first following directions on the label. Let it cool, remove paper and place HeatnBond© side against wrong side of flannel strip. iron the strip from the flannel side following directions for temperature and time. Let it cool and check bond. (if using thick flannel or felt, it may be necessary to use a longer pressing time to allow the heat to penetrate the fabric, do not raise the temperature of the iron.) *** note- If you want to add a snowflake to the bag make a strip from just the cotton with HeatnBond© UltraHold ironed to the wrong side, do not remove the paper. 2. Take the strips to the roller die cutting station and cut the desired snowflake shapes. (I used Accu-Cut die blocks #S1604, S1603S, S1603L) That©s it. The snowflakes are done and ready to use! The fat snowflakes make great coasters when needed. The rest of the time the combination of the fat snowflakes mixed with the lacy snowflakes looks stunning on a dark wood table, or on a red or green table cloth.

Easy Sew or Serged Bag:

1. Cut a 12 inch square of a colorful winter fabric. 2. Narrow roll edge serge the top. (or make a narrow hem with regular sewing machine). 3. Serge a 12 to 18 inch length of cording for a tie (or use a coordinating ribbon or yarn). ++++++ diagram shows steps 4., 5. & 6. ++++++++++

4. Set cording tie, ribbon or yarn 2 inches below top edge on right side of fabric so ends will catch in seam when sewn. 5. Fold square right sides together with the rolled edge at the top. Make sure ties are inside and not caught in seam except at attachment point. 6. Sew or serge side and bottom to form bag, press seams, turn right side out. 7. Press bag and iron snowflake on front. ** note- If you want to add a snowflake to the bag, cut decorative snowflakes from strips of the cotton print with the HeatnBond© UltraHold ironed to the wrong side, leave the paper on back side of the snowflake until ready to iron it onto the bag. 8. Insert snowflake coasters and table toppers. A gift bag and a storage bag in one! During the holiday season the bag can double as decoration. Fill it with potpourri or snug it over a jar to become a vase for pine branches or artificial poinsettia stems. Fun to make. Fun as well as practical to use and to give. Great for a Crafts Bazaar item. I enjoyed the snowflakes and bag so much last holiday season that I now make similar sets for other holidays and seasons. Such as Hearts for Valentines, Leaves in autumn colors for fall. Thank you for taking a look. Resources for more information: Accu-Cut© For catalogue, projects, list of stores that have the machines for customer use HeatnBond© UltraHold Iron-on Adhesive by Therm O Web Click on Products then UltraHold then Helpful Tips for details on using this product. I like it for fast no-sew fabric crafts because it uses low heat and creates a good bond in a few seconds.

Note: For questions and guidance regarding this project please email Jane at;