Beaded Fruit Ornaments

Beaded Fruit Ornaments
Beaded Fruit Ornaments

Christmas Craft Projects - Beaded Fruit Ornaments

What you need: Thin skin plastic fruits: natural size and color. Available at most craft supply stores; Beads: Bags of 6mm plastic faceted beads with holes, matching color of each fruit. Example, red for apple; Steel, flat head pins; gold, silver, or green silk leaves; gold string for hanging ornaments.

What to do:

1. If fruit comes with leaves then purchasing leaves is not necessary and you can skip step 4. Do not remove leaves from the fruit unless they slip off and can be reapplied. If they do not have leaves, you may apply your own silk leaves with glue.

2. Beginning at bottom of fruit and working in rounds up to top, place a pin through the bead and insert the pin into the fruit.

3. Be sure to use the matching color of beads for the particular fruit you are beading. Cover entire surface of each fruit.

4. Glue leaves near stem of each fruit.

5. Glue loops of gold string to center, top core of each fruit ornament for hanging.

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