Christmas Mouse

Christmas Mouse
Christmas Mouse

Christmas Craft Projects - Christmas Mouse

Size: Finished mouse measures: 16" long and 10" high.

Materials: Use 1/2 yard red velveteen, 1/3 yard heavy red print fabric, 1/4 yard interfacing, 1 ounce red Ombre worsted weight yarn, 1 pound polyester fiber fill or other stuffing material, small piece of black felt, red and black thread.

What to do:

1. Following chart below, cut all pattern pieces. Place body pattern on wrong side of folded velveteen, be sure when placing pattern pieces that nap runs in the same direction. Mark around pattern with pencil for SEWING line. Cut ½ inch outside of pencil line for seam allowance. Place pattern for ears on velveteen. Mark and cut two ear pieces from velveteen allowing ½ inch for seams. Place pattern for base of mouse and ears on wrong side of print fabric. Mark and cut 1 base piece and 2 ear pieces, in the same manner as for the body, allowing 1/2 inch for seams. Place ear pattern on interfacing. Mark and cut pattern for ears. Cut 1 piece for each ear or if interfacing is light. weight, 2 pieces can be used in each ear.

2. With right sides together, using sewing machine and red thread sew curved seam around top of body, sewing along pencil line, trim seam. Insert base piece between lower edges of body matching front at nose. Pin or baste in place. Stitch base to body with a 2 inch opening each side of tail end, trim seam. Turn to right side, stuff firmly. Sew opening closed by hand, turning in raw edges.

3. Place interfacing on wrong side of print material for ears. Stitch ears with sewing machine 1/8 inch outside of marked seam line. Trim interfacing only close to stitching. Place right sides of 2 ear pieces together-1 of print and 1 of velveteen. Sew around on pencil line, leaving 1½ inch opening near point on each side, trim seam. Turn right side out, turn in raw edges by hand. Repeat for second ear, press. Sew ears to mouse at proper position by hand, sewing 2 inches up from point on each side to head.

4. Cut 2 eyes and 1 nose from black felt. Sew eyes to mouse with black thread. Draw in a bit by passing needle through eye pieces and pulling tight. Fasten thread securely. Sew nose piece in place with black thread.

5. Cut tail from red ombre yarn 16 strands 45 inches long, make twisted cord or braid. With red thread, sew tail by hand securely in place.

Mouse pattern chart.....1 square = 1"