Fabric Gift Bags

Fabric Gift Bags
Fabric Gift Bags

Christmas Craft Projects - Fabric Gift Bags

What you need: 1 yd. plus 2" (44" wide) holiday fabric; 2 yds. (3/8" wide ribbon for trim; 5 1/4 yds. (1" wide) ribbon; thread to match.

What to do:

1. Cut two rectangles (16" by 9 1/2") for front and back of each bag.

2. Sew a double row of 3/8" wide ribbon rim to narrow end of front rectangle, placing rows 6" and 7" from top raw edge.

3. Pin front and back with right sides facing, and stitch around sides and bottom using a 5/8" seam. Turn.

4. Turn under 2 inches around top edge of bag; press.

5. Make channel around top by sewing two parallel rows of zigzag stitching 1" and 1 3/4: from top fold.

6. Using small, sharp scissors, cut a slit through only top layer of fabric at each side seam (between two zigzagged rows).

7. Cut two 22" lengths of 1" wide ribbon; thread through channels.