Braided Plaid Wreath

Braided Plaid Wreath
Braided Plaid Wreath

Christmas Craft Project - Braided Plaid Wreath

You will need: 1 yd each of 2 cotton fabrics (prints, solids or plaids); rags for stuffing; orange stick; cardboard; white glue; 3 bells; cotton rug yarn; ribbon.


1. Cut and piece two 7" x 90" strips from 1 fabric and one 7" x 90" strip from the other.

2. With right sides together, fold strips in half lengthwise and sew a 1/2" seam across one end and down the side.

3. Turn the strips and stuff them firmly with small pieces of rags. Use an orange stick to help push the rags into place.

4. Pin the 3 open ends together, braid the strips, and sew the closed ends together at the bottom.

5. Sew the 3 open ends together, turning under the raw edges as you stitch.

6. Bend the braid into a large circle and continue to make a second circle inside the first, making sure the ends meet at the bottom of the circles. Tack the ends of the strips to the braids so they are secure, and tack the inner and outer circles together so they don't unwind.

7. Glue a cardboard wreath, cut smaller than the braided wreath, to the back of the circles to help the fabric keep its shape and help the braids keep perfectly round.

8. Tack a ribbon bow in place at the bottom of the wreath and attach 3 bells to the wreath (one one each side of the bow and one in the middle) with rug yarn.

9. Sew a hanging loop made of rug yarn to the back of the wreath. Spray the wreath with a stain repellant.