Holiday Bird Nest

Holiday Bird Nest
Holiday Bird Nest

Christmas Craft Project - Holiday Bird Nest

Materials: 1 - 4" bird nest; 1 tree branch (6" to 8"); 3 large or 6-8 small cotton balls; 1 small novelty bird (color of choice); a few small sprigs of evergreen; 2 or 3 small pine cones; white spray paint; hot glue gun and glue sticks; 5 or 6 holly berry berries; ribbon 1/2" wide (color of choice).


1. Spray paint pine cones white and allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Glue tree branch across center top of nest.

3. Fill nest with cotton balls by spreading the balls out and touching them with a spot of glue to secure them.

4. Glue bird to branch. Note: Hold bird in place while glue sets, about 1 minute.

5. Glue pine cones, evergreens and holly berries onto nest as shown in photo or as desired.

5. Make bow with ribbon and glue a bit of evergreen to center of bow; glue 2 mini pine cones and holly berries into evergreen in center of bow. Glue bow cluster to tree branch on either left or right of branch as shown in photo.

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