Yarn Doll Ornaments

Yarn Doll Ornaments
Yarn Doll Ornaments

Christmas Craft Projects - Yarn Doll Ornaments

What you need: Scrap yarn in colors of choice; cotton balls.

What to do:

1. Cut yarn into 16 pieces each of red and green yarn about 14" long each.

2. Make two bunches of each color and placed them lengthwise in pile. Tie each bunch in the center with yarn of same color.

3. Fold bunches in half at center.

4. For the dolls head, insert a cotton ball (1" in diameter) below the center fold of one bunch. Place the other bunch over it to cover other side of cotton ball. Tie all yarn together just below the cotton ball, adjust the yarn if necessary to cover cotton ball head.

5. Divide yarn below head into separate sections for man's arms and legs and tie off the ends at wrist and ankles. For woman, tie off at center for a waistline effect in contrasting colors.