Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Christmas Tree Centerpiece
Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Christmas Craft Project - Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Materials: 1 unfinished 8 1/2" wooden sled; 1 - 12" artificial pine tree; 8" x 8" scrap of red satin fabric; 10" gold ribbon, 1/4" wide; white acrylic paint and paint brush; multi color glitter; 1 sheet of paper; 2 feet of 1/4" red ribbon; 1 -12 piece package of Dariceā„¢ metallic pom poms; 1 mini tree top star; hot glue gun and glue sticks; 1 package miniature toys.


1. Paint entire sled white. While paint is still damp, sprinkle with glitter on top and sides. Press glitter into damp paint with sheet of (white) paper. Allow to dry completely.

2. Open all branches of pine tree. Wrap base of tree with satin fabric and secure around base of tree with gold ribbon bow as shown in photo above.

3. Glue pom poms onto tree as shown and glue star to top of tree top. Note: It is difficult to see the pom poms in the photo but they are placed randomly around the tree as you would Christmas ornaments.

4. Glue tree base to center of sled securely.

5. Glue miniature toys all around the base of the tree.

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