How To Make Bows

How To Make Bows
How To Make Bows

Christmas Craft Project - How To Make Bows

This easy bow making project was kindly contributed by Jenn Spencer of Please email Jenn with any questions regarding this project.

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This style decorative bow can be made in any color/pattern ribbon and for any occasion! Make your bow in various sizes according to your own personal preference. There are no set rules on how large or small your decorative bow needs to be! Follow the simple instructions to make any size bow you desire. Even make a GIANT bow in this style for a large gift or car bow. You can create a very full and fluffy bow with the double layers of ribbon used here.

It is best to work off the roll while creating your bow, instead of cutting an exact length of ribbon ahead of time; you'll have much more flexibility as you create it! Also, it is easiest to work with wired ribbon for your decorative bows because they will hold in place better and are easier to position. You can get all kinds of wired ribbon in various types of fabrics, including sheer, netted, satin, and cloth.

Supplies Needed: Roll of ribbon – your choice of color; Scissors; Craft wire, floral wire, or pipe cleaner

1. Put together your 2 types of ribbon by laying one directly on top of the other. In the photo we have used the blue ribbon on the top, so our blue ribbon will need to be on the top of all our loops.

2. Make your first loop and pinch the ribbon together at the end of the loop to hold these layers together. In this step, you are determining the size of your bow; you will create a finished bow that is double the size of this first loop.

3. Now make a half twist in your ribbon so that the top ribbon for your second loop will be the same as the top ribbon on the first loop.

4. Then make your second loop and pinch it together to hold the layers all in place. (Notice how both loops have the blue ribbon on the outside since we made the half twist in the previous step.)

5. Check to be sure that your loops are equal size by pulling them up with your fingers. Adjust as necessary.

6. Continue to make loops. Remember to do a half twist each time so that your top ribbon always remains on the top of all the loops formed. You can make as many loops as you want; I suggest 3-8 loops on each side (your preference, just make sure each side has the same number of loops). You can now cut the ribbon off the roll (leaving a tail the same length as the other side).

7. Now wrap a piece of craft wire (or pipe cleaner) around the inside of all the layers in the center of your bow. End the wire at the back of the bow and cut off any excess wire. You can also keep the excess wire if you–d like to use it to attach your bow to something.

8. Spread the loops apart and fluff up all the layers so that it looks nice. (You can pull apart the two layers of each loop so you can see all the ribbon but in this photo I left the layers of ribbon on top of each other.)

Your bow is now complete!

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