Sugar Ornaments

Sugar Ornaments
Sugar Ornaments

Christmas Craft Projects - Sugar Ornaments

What you need: : 3 tbs. egg white; 3 cups white granulated sugar. Icing Recipe: 1 1/2 tbs. egg white; 1/8 tsp. cream of tartar; 1 cup confectioners sugar. Food coloring. Petit-Four molds or cookie cutters. Narrow ribbon. Cake sprinkles and or small candies.

What to do:

1. Whip 3 tbs. egg whites until stiff. Fold in 3 cups of granulated sugar.

2. Divide into 3 or 4 equal parts. Add a few drops of food coloring.

Note: Cover bowls with several layers of damp cloth when not in use.

3. Use petit-four molds or cookie cutters of different shapes and pack damp sugar mix tightly into mold. Scrape off surface evenly with knife.

4. Turn out onto cookie sheet by tapping the mold or cutter. Take each ornament shape and carefully scoop out the center of the form until a shell 1/4" thick is left. Note: Reuse the scraped out sugar mix (10 ornaments may be made with this recipe).

5. Place hollow side up on cookie sheet. Allow to dry overnight.

6.Sift sugar and cream of tartar. Add egg white. Set mixer at medium and blend until thoroughly blended. Then turn to high speed. Mix until stiff points form and hold. Note: Cover with several layers of damp cloth to keep soft for several hours.

7. Make loops of narrow ribbon and knot the ends. Use icing to cement loop between forms and seal edges of forms.

8. Divide remaining icing into small bowls and add different shades of food coloring. Decorate with colored icing, candies, silver dragees, non pareils, stars, etc.