Holiday Twig Wreath

Holiday Twig Wreath
Holiday Twig Wreath

Christmas Craft Project - Holiday Twig Wreath

Size: About 20" in diameter. The techniques given in the instructions below may be applied to a larger or smaller wreath.

Materials: Twig wreath, about 20" in diameter. Offray ribbon, red/green plaid, 1 1/2" wide, 3 yds.; green double face satin, 2 1/4" wide, 3 1/2 yds.; red picot edge double face satin, 3/8" wide, 4 yds.; green picot edge double face satin, 3/4 wide, 3 yds. Dried plants and flowers, as desired. Eight jingle bells. Four small styrofoam candy canes. Two pieces cardboard, one 5" wide and the other 3". Fine string to tie large bows. Fine wire to attach large bows and bells to wreath. White glue. Large piece of plastic (such as a garbage or dry cleaning bag).

Wreath: Bows: Wrap entire length of plaid ribbon around the 5" cardboard. At exact center of cardboard, working through all ribbon loops, notch ribbon first on one side then the other (take care not to cut through ribbon entirely). Keeping loops together, slip ribbon from cardboard. Tie a piece of string snugly around unit at notched center of ribbon and knot securely. Fan out bow by separating loops one at a time. Working in the same manner, make a bow from 2 1/4" wide green ribbon.

Assembling Bows: Place plaid bow at center of green bow; mix loops. Working from back, with a piece of wire, secure bows together. Set large bow aside.

Assembling Wreath: Place twig wreath on a flat surface with plastic underneath. Allowing room for large bow at top and following photograph, arrange dried plants and flowers around wreath. Glue in place; allow glue to dry completely.

Cut a length of 2 yds. of red picot edge ribbon. Arrange ribbon in loops and scallops around wreath. Glue ribbon to wreath at points where ribbon touches wreath.

Cut remaining length of red picot edge ribbon into 4 pieces. Wind around 3" cardboard. Tie center securely to form a bow. Place these 4 bows in plant arrangement at top and side of wreath. Glue in place.

Cut green 3/4 " ribbon into ten lengths of 10" each. Tie pieces into individual small bows. Glue to wreath as shown in photograph; include several in plant arrangement at top of wreath.

With wire, attach jingle bells to wreath. Glue candy canes in place. Arrange large bow at top side of wreath and secure in place with wire. Trim and notch raw edges of large and small bows, as desired.

Hanger: Cut a length of ribbon 8" long. Thread through twigs at back of wreath; tie ends together securely.