Apple Santa

Apple Santa
Apple Santa

Kids Christmas Crafts -Apple Santa Craft Project

What you need: 1 white paper doily or white felt scrap; 5 marshmallows; 5 cranberries; 6 toothpicks; several whole cloves; 1 large red apple; red and green icing or cake decorating candies for mouth.

What to do:

1. Pull stem from apple. Cut a circle from the felt or paper doily large enough to create a collar effect on the top of the apple. Poke a hole in the center with a toothpick. Place the circle on top center of apple.

2. Insert a toothpick through a marshmallow and push through collar circle into the top of the apple. Place a cranberry on top of inserted toothpick.

3. Insert toothpick into 4 more marshmallows and place two on each side of apple for arms and two more on each lower side of apple for legs. Top each toothpick off with a cranberry as for head. Place the last toothpick in center back bottom of apple (even with legs) so it forms a tripod stand.

4. Push 3 whole cloves into center front of apple for buttons. Place 3 more on face of head marshmallow for eyes and nose.

5. Use a small amount of red icing or cake decorating candies for mouth. Optional; Use green icing to trim collar and top of head for a hat.

Voila! You have an entirely edible apple Santa. Make several for a holiday place setting surprise.

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