Crafty Christmas Cards

Crafty Christmas Cards
Crafty Christmas Cards

Christmas craft projects - Crafty Christmas Card

This holiday season project was kindly contributed by designer Susan Owen. For questions regarding this craft project, please email Susan directly at:

Copyright Susan Owen. All Rights Reserved

You will need: red card, green paper, red tissue paper, Christmas glass outline stickers or rubber stamps.

What to do:

1.Fold the piece of red card in half. Cut out a box slightly smaller than half out of green card, so it'll leave a border around it when you stick it onto the red card.

2. Stick on the green paper. Carefully tear a piece of tissue paper into a rectangle shape (or so it fits inside the green rectangle and leaves a frame). Stick it on.

3. Cut out 3 squares of green paper. Position them in the middle of your card and stick them on.

4. carefully place an outline sticker on each of the 3 squares. (or rubber stamp each one). You could leave it like this, or you could color in the stickers or stamps.