Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle
Christmas Crochet Pattern



Free Christmas Crochet Patterns - Christmas Candle

Kindly Contributed by: Pat

You will need: Toilet paper roll; red yarn; size G or H hook.


# (1) ch 3, slip st in 3rd ch from hook to join, ch2 and make 13 dc. in circle.(14)dc.

#(2) Join in top of chain 2, chain 1 make 1 sc in same place, 2 sc in each dc.around(24) join .

#(3) sc in back loop this row only (24).

From now on sc. around with out joining, work 14 rounds or until the toilet paper roll is covered.

Chain 3,skip 1sc, chain 2, skip 1, all the way around, join in the 2nd st, slip st in ch 2 space, chain 2, 2 dc in same space, 3 dc in each chain 2 space, all the way around, join in top of 2nd ch. chain 2,1 dc. in same space, two dc in each dc around, join .

To make flame chain 3 and three dc in the 3rd chain from hook. leave a tail to tie flame in center of the top.