Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles
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Free Christmas Crochet Patterns - Christmas Candles

Sizes: Small candle 4 1/2"; Large 6".

Materials: Small candle, 1 toilet paper roll core; larger candle, 6": cut 6" length from paper towel core; crochet hook size G or 6 (if you crochet tightly, use size H); knitting worsted weight yarn; 1 skein white sparkle; 1 skein Christmas red (or green) - optional; red felt for flame.

Small Candle: With white sparkle yarn, ch 4. Join with sl st to form circle.

RND 1: Ch 1, crochet 10 sc in circle. Join with sl st.

RND 2: Ch 2 for first dc. dc in same st. Continue around with 2 dcs in each sc, ending with 20 dc. Join with sl st and fasten off neatly.

Change to red (or green).

RND 3: Holding right side of work toward you, join in any st. Ch 2 for first dc, 1 dc in each dc and join with sl st.(20 dc). Be careful as you join each round that you don't increase an extra dc each time.

RNDS 4-14: Repeat rnd 3. Complete 12 rnds from beginning of color for 4 1/2" candle and fasten off neatly after checking for fit. (Slip over your core to see if it covers well; if it does not, add another row but you shouldn't need it.)

Saucer: With right side toward you, join white sparkle yarn in top of any dc.

RND 1: Ch 2 for first dc, dc in same st, 2 dc in each st around and join with sl st.

RND 2: Ch 2 for first dc and continue around with 2 dc in each st dc, join with sl st, fasten off. (However, if you wish a larger saucer, repeat the above row once more.

Saucer Trim: Join red yarn, ch 2, hdc in each st around, adding one extra hdc every 10th st to keep work flat.


Using pattern below, cut flame from red felt; roll the base tightly together and insert in small hole in top of candle. Release base and arrange flame.

Now insert toilet paper core and arrange ruffles neatly around candle. Insert contrasting plastic flower between two ruffles.

Using the pattern below, cut flame from red felt.


(Tiny bells, colored baubles, or anything suitable may be used for trim in place of the flower.)

6" Candle: Crochet 14 rows of color before attaching the saucer. Cut your paper towel core 6" long and insert. If you wish the traditional set of three candles, cut another length of eight inches from your paper towel core and add two more rows (16) of dc to the length of the candle.